Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Palestinian Solidarity Fundraiser

On Sunday there is a benefit gig/fundraiser in aid of sending people over to Palestine. The day will consist of the Celtic v Rangers game followed by a few local bands. The funds raised on this day will go towards rebuilding homes and community centres which have been illegally destroyed by the Israeli government. The money will also help pay for people to go over to Palestine report back on genuine events as the British media can not be trusted when it comes to these sorts of issues.

There are certain people who are opposed to this fundraising day and I'm genuinely unsure as to why. These people know that the money is going towards rebuilding homes and community centres which have been illegally destroyed (as clearly stated on the Facebook event page), and there is no doubt or denying that these buildings which belonged to Palestinian people were destroyed illegally. So my thoughts are, how could anybody in their right mind be opposed to such an act of charity, such as raising money to rebuild an innocent persons home who has lost almost everything?

I think that the answer to this is that these people are too wrapped up in their Zionist ideologies, they refuse to acknowledge the pain civilians are put through by they Israeli government. These funds are not going towards Hamas or any other political organization, they are going directly to the Palestinian people. I often hear Zionists say that they 'have nothing against the Palestinian people'. If this is the case, then why is it many refuse to contribute to the ones suffering the most?

Not attending this fundraiser purely on the grounds that you are a Zionist is an act of just plain ignorance. Can't you drop your political beliefs for a few hours to help out other innocent human beings? Would you refuse to help an Iraqi child just because we were at war with his leaders? If you were walking through Israel and saw a Palestinian beggar would you refuse to give him your change purely on the grounds that he is Palestinian and you are a Zionist?

The event will be held at St Michael's Irish Centre on West Derby Rd opposite the Grafton. The day will consist of the following entertainment;
-Celtic Vs. Rangers at 12.45 on a big screen
-Liverpool Irish Patriots Republican Flute Band
-The Probes
-Youth in Asia
-Some raffles and 'spot the balls'

The bar will be open from 12.00 til 12.00 and the is a £3 entry fee.

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